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Our experienced and Creative Home Staging team will make sure that your house shines for results that move you! 

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Home staging helps you stand out from the competition! Through the professional business of Home Staging, our team will work to increase the home value and marketability while reducing the "time on market" of the property.  94.6% of ASP Staged homes sell on average in 33 days or less!  Staging is a key tool savvy sellers use to attract buyers. Presentation and price are both necessary considerations for a successful sale, especially in today's buyer's market. Staging is an investment in getting a house sold, by making the listing stand out in the marketplace.

As a Staging Professional I am specifically trained to prepare houses for sale applying proper techniques for occupied or vacant houses that will help them show their best to prospective buyers. Within a short time I help sellers maximize the return on their investments and get the most from their home sales. I love being able to turn house hunters into home buyers!  Staging is actually something I have enjoyed from an early age.  I've always enjoyed home design, space planning and furniture placement for optimum feel and appeal. I realized that life is too short not to venture out and endeavor into a full-time profession that fulfills me both creatively and professionally and allows me to meet the needs of a variety of clients.  I'm a people person, and love meeting with clients in their homes. I love my job in being able to help them move on and fulfill their dreams or new chapters in their lives.



When you stop to consider the reasons, you will see it really does make sense.


  • Staged homes photograph better than un-staged homes.  More than 93% of buyers look at online photos before deciding which properties to view in person.  Photos of empty rooms are simply not very enticing.  For this reason alone, staged homes are shown significantly more often than vacant properties.
  •  Staged homes show better than un-staged properties.  With nothing in a house it is easy for buyers to become very critical of every nook and cranny in a home – they are looking for problems because there is nothing else to draw their attention.  Thoughtful staging will draw a buyer to the positive aspects of a home – reducing the attempt to pick it apart.
  • Staging a home provides a strong frame of reference within a space that clearly expresses the size of an area.  More than 90% of people cannot accurately visualize what will fit in an empty room.  Of this 90% most view a space as much smaller than what it actually is.  This makes a vacant house more difficult to sell because buyers often assume their things simply won’t fit.
  • Staged homes provide the vision of a lifestyle buyers are looking for in their new home.  When a house is vacant the potential in a property is not easily recognized by buyers.  Vacant homes leave buyers feeling cold and unattached to a property.  Staged homes leave buyers feeling invited into a space.
  • Staging makes a house feel and look like a home.  This transition from the cold of an empty house to the warmth of “home” is what motivates buyers to make their best offer on a property.
  • Staging helps buyers envision what it will look like and how it will feel to live in your house.  Once they see themselves in the space they start to feel at home.  These feelings are what motivate a buyer to make a house their home – this is when you get the best offer possible.



Home Staging

Our Team will design and rent room furnishings to enhance the appearance of your home. Because a home buyer shops with logic and emotion, the home should be somewhat furnished. Many potential buyers have a hard time visualizing themselves in a vacant home. When rooms are unfurnished they seem smaller, so a buyer might be unsure how to position furniture or if it will fit. A vacant property can also give the buyers the impression a seller is desperate, which could result in lower offers. By correctly and Professionally staging and marketing a home we are selling a lifestyle and creating a higher perceived value for the home.



ReDesigning is the process in which Our Team will work with the current furnishings within your home or listing to effectively showcase the potential of each space. Not every home is kept the same. In many cases a ReDesign can be as simple as effectively place furniture in the appropriate spot, and in other cases it is a matter of de–cluttering the space and recommending what to remove from each space to showcase your home or listing at it highest potential. 



Our Team visits your home to give an overall assessment and make recommendations on how to neutralize and enhance the appearance so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living there. The professional consult we will start at the curb and walk through the entire home viewing the space with our “buyer’s eyes” we will discuss first impressions, de-personalization, de-cluttering, lighting, furniture editing, placement. We will provide a written design Plan and Pricing to clients on-Site. 

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